Milan Design Week / ventura Centrale 2019

April 06, 2019



会場:Via Ferrante Aporti 25, 20125 Milano, Italy

主催:Ventura Projects

We are going to participate in the design event of Ventura Centrale in Milan Design Week as one of Yamaha designers.

Date: 8th - 15st April 2019

Place: Via Ferrante Aporti 25, 20125 Milano, Italy

Domaine de Boisbuchet Workshop 2018

July 14, 2018






We will attend the Domaine de Boisubucket Workshop 2018 in France as a tutor with Yuri Suzuki, a sound artist.

Theme: 'Looks like Music'.

Date: 15th - 21st July 2018

Place: Dmaine de Boisbuket

Product Development Dessection Exhibition / 商品開発解剖展

February 11, 2018




主催:静岡市文化・クリエイティブ産業振興センター 協力:静岡伊勢丹


We will exhibit a process of product development for a 'Sankocho' which is bottle opener for Kurita Industry Ltd. at Shizuoka Culture Communications in Shizuoka, Japan.

Bottle opner 'Sankocho' on Sale / 栓抜き「サンコウチョウ」販売

January 03, 2023


期間:2018年1月17-23日 場所:伊勢丹静岡店6階


A bottle opener 'Sankocho' we designed will be on sale at Pop up store in Isetan Shizuoka sotre in Shizuoka, Japan.

Date:17th - 23 th Jan, 2018 Place: 6F Isetan, Shizuoka, Japan

Cooperation: Shizuoka Culture Communications

Loca Project Products will exhibt at IFFT 2017 in Tokyo

May 31, 2017


期間:2017年6月14-16日 場所:東京ビッグサイト西ホール

We will release new products as Loca Project at Interior life style exhibition 2017 in Tokyo big site, Jpana.

Date: 14th- 16th Jun, 2017 Place: Tokyo Big Site West hall

Loca Project Products will exhibt at IFFT 2016 in Tokyo

November 01, 2016

IFFTインテリアライフスタイル展2016にギフト工房ケヤキが出展します。トータルブランディング、デザインを行いました新ブランド「Loca Project」の商品を4点を発表します。
期間:2016年11月07-09日 場所:F/N-03(ネクスト)


Gift Atelier KEYAKI will exhibit new brand Loca Project prouducts designed by KAZUYA WASHIO DESIGN at IFFT interiorlife living 2016 (F/N-03/ NEXT).
Date:07 -09 Nov 2016  Place: F/N-03

Mimika will be exhibted at IFFT 2016 in Tokyo

November 01, 2016

IFFTインテリアライフスタイル展2016にoog design studioと共同出展します。新作を含む2点を発表予定です。
期間:2016年11月07-09日  場所:T/H-06(タレント)

We will exhibit our new works at IFFT interiorlife living 2016 together with oog design studio (H/T-06/ TALENTS).
Date:07th -09th Nov, 2016  Place: T/H-06

Milano Salone Satelite 2016 / ミラノサローネ・サテリテ2016

March 31, 2016

期間:2016年04月12-17日  場所:パビリオン13-15 A22

We will exhibit our new works at Milano Salone Satellite 2016 together with Innocent blue and RIKA KAWATO (Pavillion 13-15 / Stand No.A22).
Date: 12th-17th April, 2016  Place: Pavilion 13-15 Stand A22

Toyama Design Wave 2015 / 富山デザインウェーブ2015 展示

September 30, 2015

期間:2015年10月1~6日  場所:ウィングウィング高岡

Our work "Tulip" will be exhibited at Toyama Design Wave 2015.
Date:1-6 October 2015  Place:WingWing Takaoka

Published Nikkei Business Online /日経ビジネスオンライン 掲載

August 07, 2014


We appear in Nikkei Business Online.

Sun-Star Stationery Idea Contest Grand Prix / サンスター文具アイデアコンテスト グランプリ

June 01, 2014


We won Grand Prix at Stationery Idea Contest by Sun Star Stationery Ltd.  

LECTURE for DESIGN PALETTE Vol.5 / デザインパレット講演会

January 03, 2014

スペースデザインカレッジ 京都にて「デザイナーが考えるプロダクトの存在意義」の講演会を行います。
日時:1月24日(金)18:00-19:30  場所:スペースデザインカレッジ京都校

We will have lecture about 'The meaning of product-exist' in Space design college Kyoto.
Date: 18:00-19:30 24 January 2014  Place: Space Design College Kyoto


April 30, 2013

日時:2013年5月9日(木) 17:00-19:00

We will have lecture about 'Design development and Business concept for designers and medium manufacturers'.
Date: 17:00-19:00 / 9 May 2015  Place: Tokyo Metropolitan industrial technology research institute

Exhibition of Designersblock Milano Tortona 2013

April 04, 2013

ミラノサローネ期間中に開催されるDesignersblock Milano Tortona 2013Innocent blueと共同で出展します。
期間:2013年4月9-14日  場所:OCA(OFFICINE CREATIVE ANSALDO)Via Tortona 54, 20138,Milano

We will exhibit our new works with Innocent blue at Designersblock Milano Tortona 2013 in Milano.
Date: 9th-14th April 2013 11:00-21:00
Place:FFICINE CREATIVE ANSALDO Via Tortona 54, 20138,Milano

Nikkei Design March issue 2013 / 日経デザイン2013年3月号 掲載

February 27, 2013

日経デザイン2013 3月号に「ふくのふくろ」が掲載れさました。

Our work 'Fuku no Fukuro' appears on magazine ' Nikkei Design March 2013'.

MEN'S EX February 2013 / MEN'S EX 2013 2月号 掲載

January 16, 2013

MEN'S EX 2013 2月号に「ROVEY」が掲載されました。

Our work 'Rovey' appears on the magazine 'MEN'S EX February 2013'.

Wallpaper December 2012 掲載

November 28, 2012

Wallpaper December 2012に「ROVEY」が掲載されました。

Our work 'Rovey' appears on the magazine 'Wallpaper December 2012'.

Winner 20th Iris design contest / 第20回アイリス生活用品デザインコンクール 受賞

November 14, 2012

期間:2012年12月7日~12日  場所:せんだいメディアテーク

We won the "Excellent prize" at the 20th Iris design contest.
Our work will be exhibited at Sendai during Design week.
Date: 7-12 December 2012 Place: Sendai Media Taegu

NIKKEI DESIGN NOV, 2012 magazine / 日経デザイン2012年11月号

October 23, 2012

日経デザイン2012 11月号に「Leaf Pot」が掲載れさました。

The work "Leaf Pot" published by "NIKKEI DESIGN NOV,2012"magazine.

Winner Braun Prize 2012 / Braun Prize 2012 受賞

September 25, 2012

Braun主催:Braun Prize 2012 Professional & Enthusiasts部門において「Bronze Prize」を受賞しました。

We won the Bronze prize at the Braun Prize 2012.


September 16, 2012

旭化成ホームズ主催:VEGEUNI DESIGN AWARDにおいて「優秀賞」を受賞しました。

We won the award for Excellence at VEGUNI DESIGN AWARD.

Iris Design Conpetition 19th WON

December 10, 2011

第19回アイリス生活用品デザインコンクールにおいて「優秀賞」を受賞しました 。

作品はDESIGN WEEK IN SENDAI 2011 にて展示されます。

We won the award for Excellence at the Iris Design Competition 19th.

Our work is going to be exhibited at Sendai Mediatheque during Design Week in Sendai 2011.

Date: 9th-14th December  Place: 5 Floor, Sendai Mediatheque

Nikkei Design Magazine vol Dec 2011

November 21, 2011

日経デザイン2011 12月号に「EXTRUSION」が掲載れさました。

Our work 'EXTRUSION' has appeared in a magazine of Nikkei Design vol December 2011

International Furniture Design Competition Asahikawa 2011 Won

May 25, 2011



Our work 'Branch' has been selected by International Furniture Design Competition Asahikawa 2011.

The work "Branch" will be exhibited during the period from June 22th to 26th at the Asahikawa science museum Saipal special exhibition.

imm cologne-The international furnishing show [D3]Professionals

January 17, 2011


We are going to exhibit the new work for imm cologne-The international furnishing show [D3]Professionals section as Studio.00.
Term: 19th -24th January 2011

Mono Max NOV. 2010 magazine

September 09, 2010

Mono Max 2010年10月号にBlocconが掲載されました 。

Our work "Bloccon" has been published by the magazine "Mono Max NOV.2010".

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