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TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK 2012コンテナ展 富士通デザイン "e*motion" スマートフォンとオブジェクトを組み合わせた光と音のインスタレーションです。スマートフォンの使用概念を崩した12個のオブジェクトを通して、心揺さぶる感情体験を提供します。

ICT (Information and Communication Technology) has made our lives more convenient. However, it is said that we have lost mind to products. Is it really true? We believe that we could have new type of experience with great emotion through the ICT. We bring you the fresh emotional experience by our installation. It focuses the smartphone. Don't miss the twelve objects that break the stereotype and have a stimulating experience at our exhibit.

Installation for Tokyo Designers Week 2012 by Fujitsu


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