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Pianissimo Fortissimo

Wall-mounted art piece

Pianissimo Fortissimoは演奏できる壁面作品です。大きな絵と対峙すると、まるで自分がその世界にいるかのように感じることがあります。その感覚のまま、世界に触れることができるとしたらどうでしょう。

Pianissimo Fortissimo is a wall-mounted piece that can be played like a musical instrument. Standing in front of a large painting sometimes inspires the feeling of being part of the world it depicts… what would it be like to be able to interact with that world?
If you could create real-life musical performances while immersed in this pictorial world, perhaps you might feel a deeper emotional connection to it…

Designed for Yamaha 

Exhibited Ventura Centrale 2019 during Milan Design Week in Italy


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